Drug Shortages Leading to Spike in Overdose Deaths

There have been many unanticipated consequences of the lockdowns enacted to curb the spread of coronavirus. One such effect is the sudden stoppage of illegal drug shipments into the United States from Mexico and overseas. While the supply has dried up, the demand remains strong, perhaps even stronger given the added stress everyone is experiencing during this difficult time. This creates a very dangerous situation fueled by a dealer’s desire for profits and an addict’s desire for escape.

As soon as drug dealers across the U.S. realized their supply was about to be disrupted, they immediately began cutting their product with a variety of substances in order to stretch the inventory already in their possession. In order to avoid losing customers, the chemicals they utilize to dilute their product are often powerful and addictive drugs themselves. Two of the most popular “cuts” are benzodiazepines and fentanyl. These are highly potent and highly addictive substances which often prove fatal when combined, even in small quantities. This gamble is made by the dealer without much thought; his only concern is maintaining a steady flow of clients.

When a habitual user encounters a particularly strong dose of opiates, they have no way of knowing until after they have used. Unfortunately, at that point the damage has already been done, and they quickly lose consciousness and experience respiratory arrest. To revive

someone who has overdosed on fentanyl often requires the administration of multiple doses of the lifesaving drug Narcan, so even those addicts who use in pairs and keep a shot of Narcan with them may find themselves facing death.

The pandemic has created a perfect storm for those in active addiction: addicts find

themselves craving their high more often, and their dealers are peddling lethal doses with startling regularity. Now more than ever, intervention and clinical assistance for addicts is a crucial lifesaving action that should be strongly considered.


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