Embracing Opportunity in 2021

Living in recovery requires changing our beliefs and thought processes from those which served to feed our addiction to ones which feed our growth in sobriety. In our active substance abuse we viewed most events and situations we were presented with as threats to our existence, as any change to our routine could interrupt the steady flow of drugs and alcohol we thought were required for our survival. Now that you have made the shift to sobriety, you should view any barrier between yourself and your goals as a challenge to be overcome rather than a threat to avoid. Here are a few things to remember so that your mindset allows you to capitalize on any opportunities that cross your path in the coming new year.

First, we need to eliminate the victim mentality in our daily lives if we are to regain any sense of control or stability in our lives. The victim mentality tells you that life is happening to you rather than for you, which reinforces the idea that you are incapable of affecting the situations you find yourself in and must accept your fate as your life unfolds. Replacing this belief with one that says life is happening for you has a dramatic impact on your perspective on the events unfolding in front of you, as you will no longer accept the first negative thought which crosses your mind but instead will look for the opportunity which is concealed in what at first appears to be a setback.

Once you’ve replaced your victim mentality with that of a conqueror, you need to start honing your observation skills so you are more able to see the opportunities hidden in the challenges which cross your path in life. This is where a strong relationship with your higher power comes into play, as prayer and meditation will help broaden your mind and open your eyes to that which you did not see at first. It may take several weeks of consistent effort before you become more adept at spotting the opportunities lurking behind obstacles, but this in and of itself is a challenge you must overcome in order to succeed in life. Just as the rooms of AA tell us to never pick up, no matter what, so too should we never GIVE up, no matter what!

Opportunities come in many different forms, often concealed within what appears to be a setback or obstacle to our goals. In order to embrace these opportunities as they come to us in sobriety, we need to let go of the mindsets which perpetuated our active addiction and replace them with those of successful people. We are not victims in recovery, we are opportunists who rely on our higher powers to help us see the path to success lurking behind every barrier we encounter. So long as we maintain a conqueror mentality and consistently seek God’s help to enhance our vision, we can embrace all the opportunities which come our way in 2021!