Entering or Returning to College in Sobriety

Now that you are living a life of recovery, you are in a much better position to tackle higher education and the pursuit of a degree. University living is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience for which you should be grateful. Admittedly, a stereotypical part of life on campus revolves around parties and the consumption of alcohol and other substances. This is a generalization that need not apply to your experience at college, as there are a number of alternatives to the traditional “party lifestyle” germane to college campuses.

First, you are hardly the first person living in sobriety to set foot on a college campus. Those that came before you had the presence of mind to establish clubs and support groups centered around having a fun, fulfilling college experience while building on and growing in your recovery. These groups can be an invaluable resource as you transition back to life at school, as you are all going through similar experiences and emotions and can support each other as you overcome obstacles in your recovery as well as your educational journey.

Outside of on campus resources, it is an excellent idea to establish inroads in the local 12-step recovery community in your college or university town. These locals can provide both support in your recovery as well as insight into local activities and attractions which you can enjoy while in recovery. It is important for you to have a broad base of support during your transition from life at home to life on campus, and joining a local AA or NA homegroup or two is a great way to cement your foundation in sobriety during this exciting, tumultuous period of your life.

Sobriety offers us many gifts, one of which is often the chance to complete our educational pursuits and achieve a college degree. At Evolutions, we encourage all our clients to pursue the dreams they once cast aside in exchange for their substance of choice. As long as you maintain your recovery program and work to build a base of supports in your home away from home, you will be well-equipped to enjoy all that college life has to offer!


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