Evolutions Sober Living - Accountability and Structure in Early Recovery

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Those of us who are actively seeking a sober living situation will find a myriad of options here in South Florida. There are broad variations in terms of house rules and the level of monitoring experienced by residents, so no matter what stage of your sobriety you find yourself in there is a sober home which will dovetail perfectly with your recovery. At Evolutions, we have developed a sober living facility designed to support those in the early stages of their recovery, providing sufficient structure, accountability, and a community of compassion and camaraderie so you may feel firmly planted in sobriety and able to grow in your recovery. Here are a few key components of Evolutions Sober Living designed to keep residents on track in their recovery.

Early recovery can be a stressful time punctuated by surges of emotions we’ve not felt in quite some time. Given this mental and emotional instability, Evolutions has spared no expense to create as comfortable and serene an environment for our sober living clients as possible, anticipating your needs during this transformational time so you can focus on rebuilding a life centered around sobriety. Our sober living facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art appliances, flat-screen TVs, and stylish, comfortable furnishing and accoutrement, all with the goal of creating a safe, peaceful setting for you to grow in your recovery.

It is important for you to maintain a routine and structured schedule in early sobriety, and our sober living program at Evolutions has taken steps to encourage this behavior in our clients. Our house rules strike a balance between mandated structure and freedom to forge your own path in recovery, giving residents enough space to build a program of recovery unique to their situation while establishing a baseline for acceptable behavior. Curfew, house chores, a modicum of respect for others, and participation in IOP and/or 12-step recovery programs are requirements to reside in Evolutions Sober Living, all behaviors which you should want to practice as a person living in sobriety.

Evolutions Sober Living is an excellent choice for those in early recovery seeking a safe, structured environment in which to build a life in sobriety. We have gone to great lengths to create a safe, comfortable space for our residents, complete with an appropriate level of oversight and accountability to ensure your success in recovery during this critical transitive phase. Our facilities are newly-renovated and feature top-of-the-line appliances and furnishings, making it easy for you to relax and recuperate in luxury as you begin the process of redefining your life as a sober person.

If you are interested in seeking admittance to our sober living facilities, call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 today!