Evolutions Treatment Center Opens Ft. Lauderdale Facility

Evolutions Treatment Center has opened a newly re-branded luxury facility in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Formerly operated under the name TLC Recovery Center, the new Evolutions Treatment Center represents the vision of a new ownership team that has operated the center under the TLC flag for the past year while designing the new Evolutions program and facility.

The new owners set out to create an entirely different kind of addiction treatment experience from its treatment protocol to the physical facility itself.

"From day one we had a vision that Evolutions Treatment Center would be unlike any other addiction center," said Dr. Jeffrey Huttman, Evolutions CEO and Licensed Clinical Psychologist. "We are confident that our unique brand of treatment is as effective as it is innovative."

Evolutions takes clinically proven, evidence-based therapeutic techniques for combating addiction and combines them with advanced approaches being pioneered by the best and brightest minds in addiction treatment today. These novel approaches include repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) as well as evaluation and treatment for sleep disorders. Heading up the Evolutions Treatment medical staff is Dr. Darryl Appleton, an internationally recognized expert for his research, evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders, major depression, and mood disorders. Dr. Appleton has conducted extensive research on the correlation between chronic pain and sleep disorders as well as the effects of anti-depressants on sleep quality. He has treated thousands of patients with sleep disorders, mood disorders, and addiction and co-occurring disorders. As one of the most experienced TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) practitioners in the U.S., Dr. Appleton has become an authority on medical therapies designed to target and treat co-occurring disorders.

"We are proud to say that, unlike many addiction treatment centers today, the Evolutions treatment program was designed and developed by physicians and clinical professional steeped in treating addiction, co-ocurring mental health issues, and sleep disorders, a known contributor to addictive behavior," stated Dr. Appleton.

Elevating the Evolutions experience beyond its innovative treatment program is the unmatched luxury in which Clients recover. The center features a sparking swimming pool with “Zen” lounges and private cabanas, rich hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and 24/7 security for Client privacy. The Center also offers a range of holistic treatment approaches designed to feed the mind, body and spirit. These can include yoga, equine therapy, fitness workouts, Tai Chi, meditation, and aerobic dance.

"Evolutions provides comprehensive addiction treatment services from thorough physical and psychological evaluations to intensive psychotherapies to aftercare programs that help Clients stay sober," added Dr. Huttman. "The newly re-branded Evolutions Treatment Center truly represents an Evolution in addiction treatment."

Learn more about the unique brand of addiction treatment offered by Evolutions Treatment Center by calling Blake Cohen, Admissions Director at 800-795-8527.