Family Healing in Sobriety

The destruction caused by substance abuse does not limit its damage to the addict themselves. The families and loved ones of the active user also incur emotional and psychological harm as they are forced to adapt to the dysfunction brought on by the user’s behaviors. As the addict in your life transitions from active substance abuse to sobriety, they will begin the process of healing the underlying emotional and psychological wounds which contributed to their disease. As the family of the addict, your wounds deserve similar care and treatment. Here are some ways you can begin the healing process in your life so you can recover from this disease as a family.

First, one of the early casualties within the family unit during the crisis brought on by addiction is healthy communication. The new normal becomes denial, obfuscation, and deception as everyone tries to “put on a brave face” and pretend that everything is perfectly fine and under control. Take action to reaffirm your family’s commitment to honest, open dialogue among its members. Hold a family meeting where you address the unhealthy communication style which has become standard practice among you, and pledge to make an effort to return to healthy communication rooted in honesty and compassion. All family members should be made to feel safe when sharing with each other. This shift will take some time and a great deal of effort, but it is an important step towards restoring the family unit to health.

Once you are all working together to restore healthy communication between family members, you should seek to address any emotional or psychological trauma which you have suffered during your loved one’s active addiction. You have been suppressing the strong feelings tied to these events as a means to cope with life during the recent times of conflict and dysfunction, but you will be unable to truly move past these events and heal unless you process the feelings brought on by them. This process is best facilitated by a licenced therapist, so if you are able to enlist the services of a care provider we absolutely advise you do so. If the addict in your family is a patient at Evolutions Treatment Center, we offer family therapy sessions in order to help kick start this healing process for our clients and their families. It is important everyone experiences healing so that the addict is better supported in sobriety, free from the dysfunctional relationships formed in active addiction.

Addiction is a horrifying reality, both for the addict themselves and those close to them. For a family living with a person in active addiction, the agonizing stress and frayed relationships within the family unit often inflict deep psychological wounds which need to receive care in order to heal. This is why it is so important that the family of an addict take steps to heal themselves once the transition to sobriety has begun. With everyone on a path towards healthy living and communication, the addict in your life will have a much greater chance at achieving sustained sobriety!


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