Father’s Day – A Great Time for Dad to get Sober

Addiction can strike a parent just as easily as it can a child. You may have developed your substance abuse disorder slowly over a period of many years, or it may have happened rapidly later in life. Either way, you find yourself facing another Father’s Day in active addiction. Another day of hiding from familial obligations in order to indulge in your substance of choice in peace, minimizing contact with those closest to you for fear of being called out on your intoxication. Instead of prolonging this painful existence, instead consider giving yourself a Father’s Day gift this year – sobriety.

Father’s Day reminds us of the bonds of family that exist in our lives. In your active addiction you have likely neglected your immediate family, including your children. The damage you have done to those relationships, while substantial, is not irreparable. Their love for you is stronger than the pain you have caused them through your continued neglect and substance abuse. Do not let yourself continue to believe there is no hope for change in your life and that your family is forever lost to you. Take the first step towards recovery this Father’s Day, for your sake and the sake of your family.

At Evolutions Treatment Center, we address every aspect of your life that has been damaged by your addiction in order to fully heal your mind, body, and spirit. This treatment includes family therapy, where you will have the opportunity to begin repairing the relationships with your wife and children. Admitting you have a problem and accepting the help offered through inpatient treatment is a powerful demonstration of your willingness to change. Your family will appreciate your willingness to attempt sobriety and will do whatever it takes to support you in your sobriety so they may have their father and husband back.

This Father’s Day could be a turning point for you, a chance to change course from a path of continued substance abuse to that of recovery. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we strive to provide a safe, comfortable environment for you to undergo detox and begin your transition to sobriety. We also offer family therapy during your stay at our inpatient residential treatment center, so your therapist may help facilitate the beginnings of the repair process in your family relationships. Do not spend another day suffering in your addiction, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and give yourself the greatest Father’s Day gift you’ve ever received – a new life in recovery!


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