Fentanyl - The Hidden Assassin

Fentanyl is the new kid on the block in the world of opiates, and it packs a potent and deadly punch. A favorite additive among drug manufacturers and distributors, this synthetic painkiller was originally developed to treat cases of extreme chronic pain due to cancer and other terminal illnesses. Despite these good intentions, fentanyl has gone on to become a blockbuster illicit substance, contributing to the rise in overdose deaths across the country.

Fentanyl is a member of the opiate class of narcotics, but it far outstrips the effectiveness of other substances in this class. Fentanyl is anywhere from 80-100 times more powerful than morphine, which is why it is so attractive to drug dealers and distributors across the globe. By adding a minuscule amount of fentanyl to a batch of heroin or cocaine, the potency and addictive potential are dramatically increased. This translates to repeat customers and an increase in market share, as word gets out about the “fire” product this particular dealer is pushing. Sadly, it also translates to an increase in deaths since the difference between a great high and fatal overdose for fentanyl can be measured in micrograms.

Another favored use of fentanyl by drug cartels is in the manufacturing of fake prescription pain pills such as oxycodone. These pills are in high demand on the street, and the profit margins for fake pills created with fentanyl are staggering. Pain pills are a popular drug among young people and those new to addiction, as there is a perception of acceptability and safety when it comes to recreationally using prescription painkillers. Unfortunately, in an unregulated market like the illicit drug trade, there are no guarantees as to the chemical formula of what you are purchasing. This false sense of security is another contributing factor to the marked rise in overdose deaths currently seen across the country.

Fentanyl is still in relative infancy but has already shown a propensity for substantially increasing the rates of addiction and overdose deaths in America. Its broad availability to illicit drug manufacturers and cartels has made it the darling of dealers across the globe. The reality is fentanyl is a favored additive in most street drugs, meaning that anyone purchasing recreational drugs illegally is exposed to the potentially fatal effects of this powerful narcotic. It is therefore even more imperative those with a substance abuse disorder seek treatment for their addiction before they are counted as another life lost to fentanyl.

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