Finding our Higher Power in All We Experience

It is easy to see our higher power in the good things we are blessed with in life - when things are going right, our gratitude flows with ease and we are able to thank the God of our understanding without difficulty. It is when times are tough that we struggle to see our higher power working in our lives, and question why we should thank him for that which we are faced with. However, it is in these times it is especially important you seek God in your life, as this is how you will find the meaning behind your struggles so you may overcome them. How can you accomplish this difficult task so that you can grow in life and in recovery?

Our perspective and beliefs regarding a negative situation go a long way towards determining our ability to find our higher power and his will for us. If you are approaching a challenge in life with a negative mindset, not believing anything good can happen regardless of how you handle the situation, you will not put forth any effort in seeking God and will actually sabotage any potential success in the situation for yourself. Therefore, you should collect your thoughts and establish a positive attitude before approaching any challenge you are facing in life so that you will look for the positives in the situation and seek God’s will for you, guaranteeing your growth and success.

On the other hand, we often bring hardship on ourselves by taking back our will and trying to force our desires into our reality. This brings us nothing but frustration and despair, as we must accept our higher power’s will for us rather than our own, even if His will does not align with our desires. Therefore, it is just as important to recognize if our higher power is absent in a situation, as this indicates we have taken our will back and are straying from the path meant for our lives. You must look for your higher power in all things, and accept that His absence indicates whatever the situation or desire, it is not meant for you at this time. This can be difficult, but it is important if we are to avoid negative emotions which can lead us to relapse. Remember, acceptance is the answer to all our problems today!

A big part of our recovery program is our relationship with our higher power, as many of the 12 steps of recovery are centered around establishing and growing our connection to a God of our understanding. To this end, it is important we seek our higher power in all things in our lives, especially that which we are struggling with. It is the areas of our lives where we are experiencing resistance and setbacks that require growth and progress. In order to find our way forward through the obstacles, we must find our higher power in the situation as He will show us the way. Remember, we are powerless in our recovery, only our higher power can restore us to sanity and keep us secure in our sobriety. So long as you seek the God of your understanding every day in all things, you are well on your way towards growth in recovery and in your life!