First time in Detox - What Should I Expect?

Anyone’s first time entering detox is a scary experience - you are finally faced with the task of putting down your substance of choice, and are hopefully committing to make a strong attempt at recovery. You should feel good about this decision, but it is also natural for you to feel a great deal of anxiety and fear of the unknown as you prepare to leave the life of active addiction you’ve known for years behind. As you tie up any pressing loose ends and prepare to enter treatment for the first time, lets go over what exactly you should expect your experience in a detox facility to entail.

Obviously everyone’s greatest concern when it comes to detoxing from their substance of choice is how uncomfortable and arduous the process can be. Rest assured, when you have engaged the assistance of medical professionals at a treatment center which offers an in-house detox facility, your withdrawal experience will be far different this time around than anything you’ve endured previously. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we utilize the latest in detox protocols for all classes of substance, ensuring our client’s safety and comfort during their transition to sobriety. While you will certainly experience some discomfort during the process, it will be manageable and in no way should discourage you in your attempts to get sober.

When it comes to your level of engagement in detox, most treatment centers will ask very little of you during this difficult phase of early recovery. At Evolutions, we offer the option of various activities and pastimes during your stay in detox, but we understand most clients do not feel up to anything more involved than resting comfortably or watching television. You will not be compelled to participate in anything during your time in our detox facilities, but we do encourage clients to attend 12-step recovery meetings which are offered in the evenings. If you feel up to it, you should try to participate as much as possible, as the more you do the more quickly time will seem to pass and the sooner you will be out the other side of the worst of your withdrawal.

For those attempting sobriety for the first time, a professional medical detox is a great first stop on your road to recovery. You may feel some trepidation as you prepare to place your care and sobriety into the hands of strangers, but rest assured any competent treatment center will provide you with exceptional care during this critical phase of your recovery. At Evolutions, our team of seasoned professionals are among the best in the industry, offering unparalleled experience and competence in the care of those going through withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Hopefully, now armed with some knowledge, you are ready to take this first step towards a life free from substances - if so, call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 at any time so we may get you the help you need to get started!