Free Resources for Addicts in Recovery

As an addict in recovery, you may find maintaining you sobriety to be a particularly difficult challenge from time to time. Do not feel like you have nowhere to turn for additional support in times of crisis. There are several free resources available to you within the community which you should be aware of in case the need ever arises.

Your first stop for support in keeping you on track in your sobriety should always be your local AA or NA clubhouse. They often maintain a database of free counseling services, sober housing in the area, as well as a community bulletin board for local job postings. You will also always find other members of the 12-step recovery community at the clubhouse who can provide advice or simply listen to the problems that are burdening you. A 12-step recovery clubhouse is an excellent first stop should you encounter a challenge in your sobriety.

You may find you could benefit from professional counseling or therapy even after achieving some significant sober time. Perhaps a traumatic event of your past has resurfaced, or maybe you’re experiencing the loss of someone important in your life. There are many organizations throughout the United States which offer counseling on a sliding payment scale, so you may qualify for therapy at no cost to you. Here in South Florida, you can find centers which offer this free counseling by visiting the county’s National Alliance on Mental Illness website.

If your recovery journey began at a treatment center, they can be an excellent source of guidance and support long after you’ve completed their inpatient treatment program. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we have a team dedicated to Alumni Services whose top priority is providing continued support to our graduates when needed. These alumni service staff members are always happy to hear from old clients in need of assistance, as that means one less client being readmitted to detox due to a relapse. If you find yourself on shaky ground in your sobriety, know that there are resources available to help you. All you need to do is ask!


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