Fun Sober Activities to try this Holiday

For those new to recovery, this is your first time experiencing the winter holidays in sobriety. In the past, you likely celebrated the end of the year with substantial revelry and inebriation. You may be wondering how you can capture comparable feelings of joy and exubera

nce without relying on your substance of choice. The only way to answer that question is to take action, trying out new sober holiday activities this year to see which ones you enjoy. Here are a few which may help you capture the spirit of the holiday.

This year we have the additional restrictions resulting from the ongoing pandemic to take into account, but these precautions are not so limiting as to prevent your trying some traditional holiday activities. Caroling in your neighborhood is a great way to spread holiday cheer while avoiding crowding indoors and maintaining social distancing. Take some initiative and ask members of your home group and sober support network if they would be interested in doing some neighborhood caroling this year, perhaps your local 12-step clubhouse has already organized a group of carolers which you can join. This is a fun, sociable way to pass the time and get into the holiday spirit sans alcohol or drugs.

The commercialization of winter holidays makes it easy to forget the real reason for the season - gratitude and spirituality! Now that you are living in recovery, you should take this opportunity to build your connection to your higher power. This process looks different for everyone, some people feel close to their God when they stand in awe of nature, others find religious services help them communicate with their higher power. Whatever particular activity helps you feel connected to that power greater than yourself, you should carve out some time in your holiday schedule for your God, giving thanks for another year of blessings and your rebirth in recovery.

Sobriety is a gift, and this holiday season is all about gratitude and growing in spirituality as we thank our higher powers for all the blessings in our lives. For those new in recovery, this is a great opportunity to explore new holiday activities which you can enjoy without drugs or alcohol, developing new seasonal traditions for your life in recovery. Your continued sobriety is the greatest gift of all, and you should take advantage of this blessing by spreading holiday cheer and getting closer to your God so you can continue to succeed in your recovery journey.