Getting Back on Track Financially in Recovery

The value of a dollar completely changes for us when we are in active addiction. Money no longer represents something to be saved in order to secure our future, but merely a means to acquire our substance of choice and escape the anxieties of the day. Because of this shift in perspective, we often emerge from active addiction with our finances in complete disarray. Our recovery needs to pervade all aspects of our life, including our financial health. Here are a few steps you can take to begin repairing your finances as you progress in your recovery.

Credit scores impact everything these days - from our ability to qualify for auto loans or mortgages to our qualifying for a job above entry-level, credit scores are a major factor used by businesses and banks when determining our trustworthiness. Most of us run our credit into the ground while in active addiction as we do everything we can to feed our habit. Now that you are living in sobriety, you should make an effort to improve your credit score so when the time comes you are able to avail yourself of any financial opportunities which come along. One way to begin rebuilding your credit is through a secured credit card, which offers the same functionality as a regular credit card while requiring a deposit to ensure the bill will be paid. This is a great tool for those looking to restore their credit who have limited financial means.

Another important piece of your financial health is your relationship with a bank via checking and savings accounts. Establishing accounts in good standing with your local bank are an important early step in building a healthy financial portfolio for yourself in sobriety. If you have open accounts with negative balances with your local bank, and it would not be too much of a burden to your finances overall, you should try to make amends by zeroing your accounts with the bank. Doing so will improve your self-esteem while also improving your account history which will be examined when you look to establish a relationship with a new bank.

Part of being a mature, independent adult is maintaining a healthy financial portfolio for ourselves. Now that you are living in sobriety, you should strive to improve your standing within the banking community through working to repair your credit as well as reestablishing accounts in good standing with a financial institution of your choice. If feasible, it would behoove you to pay off any accounts you overdrew in your active addiction, for both the sake of making amends as well as improving your creditworthiness among banks. Establishing yourself as a respectable man or woman of integrity when it comes to your finances is an important step in your recovery which will serve you well for many years to come.


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