Growing in our Recovery in 2021

The advent of a new year is a great time to commit to growth and development in your program of recovery. This important facet of our lives enables our continued sobriety, and it is important we not rest on our laurels when it comes to the work required to maintain that sobriety. Here are just a few of the many actions you could take in order to foster growth in your recovery program in the coming year.

One area of a person’s recovery program which is always able to grow is our spirituality. We can always grow closer to a God of our understanding, and any improvements to our relaitonship and communication with our higher power will greatly benefit our peace of mind and stability in life. You should look at how much time you are dedicating to prayer and contact with your higher power, and see where you can add some additional time dedicated to these practices in order to foster growth in your relationship with your God.

Another growth opportunity for your recovery may be found in your level of service to others, both within and without your 12-step community. Just because you may not have completed your stepwork does not mean you cannot contribute positively to your community! Ask your home group members if there are any opportunities for service at your 12-step clubhouse - even something as simple as staying after to put away chairs after a meeting is an important act of service for your AA or NA group. For the broader community, as we continue to suffer at the hands of the pandemic, your local food bank could certainly use an extra pair of hands to help distribute aid to those in need.

Another new year in which to enjoy sobriety is a gift, but it is important for us to o continue working on our recovery program in order to receive it. A common refrain in the rooms of 12-step recovery is that if we are not growing, we are going, as in going out the door and back to our active addiction! Take the start of this new year to examine your program of recovery and find areas in which you can foster growth and expansion. This work is how we sow the seeds of sobriety in our lives, so we may reap the rewards in the years to come!