Handling Failures in Sobriety

No one is perfect, and we all experience failures in life. In our active addiction, we soothed our ego with our substance abuse, In sobriety, we must learn to deal with failures in a healthy, productive way. It is crucial you learn to deal with failure in recovery, or else your self esteem will suffer and you will be more vulnerable to relapse. How can we handle failures in a healthy and positive way?

First, and most importantly, you must not dwell on the failure. This will only lead you to sit in the negative emotions which accompany the failure, causing depression and anxiety to grow in your mind. Instead of worrying about what went wrong, focus on what you should do next. Taking action is how we maintain our momentum in life, so look for an action you can take which will move you forward and do it! Inaction will never get you anywhere in life, so even a wrong move is better than no move at all.

Once you have made the decision to move forward rather than dwell in failure, it is important you look for the lesson behind your failure. Any time we experience a setback in life it is an opportunity to learn and to grow. In order to grow, we must first seek the lesson in our failure. We accomplish this by changing our perspective as it pertains to the situation, refreshing our view of the situation and seeking to understand the views of anyone else involved. By looking at the situation from a new angle, the lesson will be revealed to you. Completing this process has the added benefit of relieving any feelings of depression or anxiety resulting from the failure, as the knowledge gained engenders positivity in your mindset.

Learning to handle failure is an important part of succeeding in sobriety, as no one is able to avoid failures in life. It is those who are able to find the positive in the situation and move on quickly to the next endeavor that succeed and thrive in recovery. By changing your perspective and continuing to act rather than pausing to think, you can grow and thrive in sobriety yourself. At Evolutions, we strive to impart tools to handle failures as part of our treatment program. These important skills contribute to your success in sobriety. If you are struggling in active addiction and are looking for a program which will instill all the tools you need to succeed in sobriety, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you transition to sobriety and succeed in recovery!