Happy Father’s Day from Evolutions!

The team here at Evolutions Treatment Center just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the importance of fathers in our lives. They provide for us in our youth, advise us in our adulthood, and the impact of their influence on our values and beliefs is carried with us for our entire lives. If you are blessed to have a relationship with your father, be sure to thank him today for the love and support he has given you throughout your life. Here are a few ideas of some kind, thoughtful actions you can take to demonstrate your love for your father today.

As you have matured and established yourself in the world, it is very possible you have distanced yourself from your father either by relocating for your career or simply becoming focused on your own life. This is a natural part of growing up, and I’m sure your father went through the same process with your grandfather. On this day honoring the dads in our lives, taking a minute to pick up the phone and connect with your father is a small act that would mean a lot to him. The love your father feels for you is as strong today as it was the day you were born, and hearing your voice and what is going on in your world will certainly brighten his day.

Since Father’s Day is always on a Sunday you likely have off from work. You should considering dedicating part of your day to spending time with your father, assuming you live close by. Surprise him with lunch at a nice restaurant so you and he can catch up over a delicious meal, either in an establishment practicing safe social distancing or at home through curbside pick-up. Taking a few hours out of your day to treat your father to a meal and some conversation will brighten his day like nothing else, and requires very little on your part.

Our fathers play an important role in shaping our worldview and our character. Whether you care to admit it or not, you have your father to thank for your place in this world, and he is deserving of your gratitude for his contributions to you as a person. There are countless ways you can show your thanks to your dad on this day set aside to honor him, regardless if you live around the corner or across the globe. Be sure to take some time today to connect with your dad and express your love for him. A small act on your part has a huge impact on your father’s heart and will brighten his spirit for many days to come.


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