Harmless College Fun or Binge Drinking Issue?

There is a long-standing tradition among university attendees of house parties, frat parties, and dorm parties as part of a well-rounded college experience. Most of these events include a bevvy of alcoholic beverages, and as a result most of the partygoers will engage in some drinking as a means to release some of the stress that comes with pursuing a college degree. While you may believe this weekend warrior lifestyle is a normal and harmless part of your time at university, there could very well be danger lurking beneath the guise of this “standard collegiate experience”.

One of the major issues with those who engage in heavy drinking on the weekends at college is their developing a pattern of binge drinking. Binge drinkers are those who, when consuming alcohol, do so in excess. This leads to blackouts, or periods of time where the brain is not forming memories and your decision making and rational thinking skills are severely impaired. Obviously this state of mind could easily lead you into harm’s way, not to mention the inherent danger of passing out in a strange location without anyone to provide medical assistance should the need arise. If you find yourself blacking out with increasing frequency as you attend these college parties, you should reevaluate your drinking and cut back to a safer level.

It may not seem like it, but binge drinking can easily lead a person to develop a substance abuse disorder surrounding alcohol. There is a common misconception that alcoholics are those who need to drink every day in order to function, but often binge drinkers form both a psychological and physical dependence on their weekend blackouts just as strongly as daily drinkers are dependent on their morning shot to get the day started. In terms of your physical health, binge drinking is just as damaging to your body as a daily alcohol habit, as your system is forced to process and eliminate a large amount of alcohol very suddenly. Again, blackouts are a good indicator of drinking to excess, so if you find you need to drink until you black out on the weekends, you may have a substance abuse problem with alcohol and should talk with your primary care provider about your options.

Drinking has long been a rite of passage for college students, so much so that almost all college campuses turn a blind eye to the underage drinking that takes place on their property. While it is true many students are able to enjoy college parties and the accompanying intoxication without any negative impacts on their lives, there are those who inadvertently step over the line into binge drinking territory, which can be the beginnings of a substance abuse disorder. As a college student, you should seek to monitor your habits concerning alcohol. Better yet, make a pact with your roommate to hold each other accountable for an excessive intoxication which occurs amongst you. Alcohol can be a fun part of the college experience, so long as you keep your drinking in check. If you feel you may have developed a substance abuse disorder as a result of your binge drinking, Evolutions Treatment Center is here to help. Call our Admissions Counselors any time, day or night, at 833-818-3031 and let us help you get back on course so you may finish your time at university successfully and safely!