Heroin - No Longer What it Seems

Heroin has existed for centuries in one form or another, originally discovered by the Chinese and refined over the years to increase its potency. The heroin of today would be unrecognizable to those early users, as it has become adulterated with additives and fillers for the sake of profits by the drug cartels and distributors who have cornered the illicit market. This excessive tampering with the formulation of today’s heroin has greatly exacerbated the opiate crisis sweeping the nation, contributing to both the rates of addiction and fatalities as a result of overdose seen every day.

For those who have relocated to South Florida from other areas of the country, especially the northeast, the impurity and potency of the heroin sold on the streets of Florida starkly contrasts with what they were used to in their active addiction back home. Many addicts coming from New York and New Jersey areas were still able to procure traditional heroin back home, at least until recently. Once they relocate to South Florida for treatment and aftercare, relapsing in this new locale involves a much hi