How Can I Avoid Isolating While Engaging in Online College Courses?

In these volatile and ever-changing times, many colleges and universities have made the decision to forego traditional on-campus learning and instead offer online courses for the coming fall semester. While this is an excellent effort to reduce the spread of CoVID-19 and protect the students of these universities, full-time students who find their schedules filled with online classes can easily find themselves unintentionally isolating as all of their studies are completed solo rather than in group settings like classrooms and libraries. For those living in recovery, isolation can easily lead us towards relapse. Here are some tips to ensure you do not fall into the isolation trap while keeping up with your studies.

First, map out your online course schedule so you can see exactly how much time needs to be allotted to your schoolwork. Once you’ve established your school schedule, set aside time each day dedicated to a social activity of some kind, whether that be catching up with friends and sober supports over the phone or a socially-distanced 12-step meeting. Interaction with other people is a crucial part of maintaining our mental health as human beings, which makes it all the more important for those of us in recovery as we are at a heightened risk for relapse if our mental and emotional stability is threatened.

Once you have a set schedule which strikes a balance between studies and recreation, strive to maintain awareness of your physical and mental health as you find yourself seated alone at your computer for extended periods of time. Try to stand up, stretch, and take your eyes of the screen every fifteen minutes or so to avoid fatigue and negative health impacts from extended periods of inactivity. If possible, invest in an adjustable desk which allows you to work from a sitting or standing position so you may avoid remaining seated for multiple hours a day. This can go a long way to maintain your physical health while avoiding back and leg pain from a sedentary lifestyle.

Online courses are an excellent way for colleges and universities to minimize the spread of coronavirus while still providing students with the education they seek. One unintended consequence of this transition to “distance learning” is the potential for students to isolate as they embark on their studies. For those in sobriety, isolation can easily lead to relapse, so you need to be proactive as you plan out your activity during this coming fall semester. At Evolutions, we strive to impart positive coping skills and new behavior patterns to all our clients which will serve you well in situations such as this. If you feel you could benefit from some additional education and substance abuse treatment, contact our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and inquire about the outpatient treatment options available to you.


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