How Can I Conceptualize a Higher Power Specific to Me?

Spirituality and recovery go hand in hand - you cannot possibly hope to achieve lasting sobriety without the help of a power greater than yourself. The fundamental difference between spirituality and religion opens the door for everyone seeking recovery to develop a connection to a god of their understanding, but for some this process is difficult, confusing, and frustrating. For those who have been firmly planted in the idea that there is no God, how can we make the leap and form a concept of a higher power unique to us?

One of the more popular mantras in the rooms of recovery is the acronym KISS: keep it simple, stupid! This is quite applicable to the process at hand, as the only requirement for your higher power is that you are able to believe in it and it is more powerful than yourself. Many in early sobriety who struggle with the God concept establish a more tangible highe