How Can I Find the Best Psychiatrist?

THE BRAIN is an intricate organ, and with that complexity comes the possibility for things to go wrong. Although neurologists take care of certain aspects of the brain and diseases that begin there, there's more to having a healthy brain than just nerves. The brain is also responsible for our thoughts, feelings and moods, and when something goes wrong in those areas, you may need a psychiatrist to help you solve the problem.

Although the practice of psychiatry has long been dominated by the image of the psychoanalyst – a Freudian figure who sits behind a patient reclining on a couch and recounting everything that happened to her since birth – the fact is psychiatry is a dynamic field that encompasses much more than just exploring childhood traumas.

"Psychiatrists treat disorders in mood, thinking and behavior. They evaluate and treat any psychiatric disorders or mental illness," says Dr. Eileen P. Ryan, interim chair and professor of psychiatry and behavioral health at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. These disorders and illnesses include a constellation of specific problems, including