How can I Get Relief During Opiate Withdrawal?

Opiate withdrawal can be an incredibly painful experience, both physically and psychologically. While it does not pose an immediate risk to your life, the emotional roller coaster and extremely unpleasant physical effects of this process can cause suicidal thoughts in those attempting detox without assistance. What can you do to ease the pain and find relief from opiate withdrawal?

There are several ways to achieve relief from the unpleasantness of opiate withdrawal, the best of which is to enlist the assistance of a medical professional or, better yet, an inpatient detox center. These facilities will be able to administer medications which alleviate the unpleasant symptoms caused by opiate withdrawal. Suboxone is the most common medication used during detox from opiates, and it is highly effective at easing this transition from daily use to sobriety.

If for some reason you are not able to admit yourself to an inpatient detox center, your primary care physician is your next best option in terms of opiate withdrawal relief. Your doctor will evaluate your condition and, if deemed a viable candidate, he will either write a prescription for Suboxone or refer you to an outpatient program which can provide this medication to you. While this is a viable alternative to traditional inpatient detox, it does not provide the same elimination of outside influences and concerns and should not be your first choice. If the only thing standing between you and enrolling in an inpatient detox facility is fear and preconceived notions about such facilities, you should at least make inquiries to these centers and allow them the opportunity to alleviate these concerns.

Detoxing from opiates does not have to be a nightmarish experience. The medical community has responded to the opiate crisis with the development of medications designed to alleviate the painful physical and psychological symptoms encountered during opiate withdrawal, allowing patients to comfortably transition from substance abuse to sobriety. At Evolutions Treatment Center, our medical detox facility consists of best-in-class accommodations and experienced, compassionate staff. Our goal is to maximize your chance of achieving long-term sobriety, and we’ve spared no expense in pursuit of that goal. If you are ready to begin a journey in recovery and would like to undergo a safe, comfortable opiate withdrawal, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031.


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