How can I help my Loved One with their Alcoholism?

Living with an active alcoholic is a nightmarish existence. You are plagued by their constant lies, deceit, and erratic behavior resulting from their constant intoxication. They hide bottles around the house, sneak money from your pockets, all the while denying their behavior and continued drinking. What can you do to end this cycle of madness and help your alcoholic loved one seek and achieve sobriety?

The first and most important step you should take for your sake as well as your loved one’s is putting an end to any enabling behavior on your part. This means setting a firm boundary regarding your loved one’s continued residency in your home, as well as any financial aid you have been offering. You should not give any more money to the alcoholic, as they cannot be trusted to spend it on anything besides more alcohol. Additionally, you should mandate that your loved one be sober while in your home, banning any alcohol consumption or intoxication while they are on your property. This can be a difficult and painful step to take, but in the long run it could be the catalyst for your loved one’s seeking treatment for their alcoholism.

Another proactive step you can take to help the alcoholic in your life is to research any substance abuse treatment options available to them. Hopefully they have maintained health insurance coverage, and are therefore eligible to enroll in a private treatment center for their disease. At Evolutions, our Admissions Counselors are available around the clock to educate you about the admissions process, our programs of treatment, and to verify your loved one’s coverage through their insurance. Additionally, you should find your local 12-step recovery clubhouse, both for AA meetings for your loved one as well as Al-Anon meetings for yourself. Having details about these resources on hand will make it easy for you to capitalize on any moment of clarity your loved one experiences, as these are the times they will be most willing to accept help for their disease.

A loved one’s alcoholism affects more than just their own lives, it touches the lives of all those around them. For those in close proximity to the alcoholic on a daily basis, the chaos of their lives bleeds into your own, causing you excess stress and anxiety as you struggle to cope with the reality of their disease. You likely feel powerless at the hands of their alcoholism, but there are steps you can take to both mitigate the effect their disease has on your life and to encourage them to seek treatment for this mental illness. Above all else, know that you need not go through this alone - there are support groups in most communities for those who are dealing with a loved one’s addiction, offering guidance and compassion as you grapple with this ordeal. Evolutions Treatment Center is here for you as well. Call our Admissions Counselors any time, day or night, at 833-818-3031 so we may help you help your loved one recover.