How can I Protect Myself from Relapse in Early Sobriety?

Early sobriety is a wonderful period of self-discovery and realignment, but it is also a fragile time for your recovery as new coping skills are still taking root in place of your substance abuse. As a result of the delicate nature of your sobriety, it is important to be proactive when it comes to relapse prevention. While you cannot completely eliminate the risk of relapse in your life, there are many things you can do to minimize your potential exposure to triggers which may cause you to return to substance abuse. Here are a few actions you can take to minimize your risk of relapse and further secure your sobriety.

First, you should cut anyone who is not supportive of your sobriety out of your life, especially those friends still in active addiction who you used to use with. This does not have to be a permanent change in your life, and eliminating these friends from your circle could be the event which prompts them to seek recovery for themselves. These may be difficult conversations to have, but if you value your sobriety you will do all that is necessary to protect it, including eliminating potentially negative influences from your life.

Now that you have done your best to eliminate the negative influences in your life, you need to replace them with positive ones. Your best source of positive influences in sobriety will come from 12-step recovery groups, as members are committed to actively working a recovery program. A circle of sober friends is an excellent defense against relapse, as these individuals will inspire you to continue working a program of recovery while also holding you accountable should they see your program slack off. Work to establish a regular, open line of communication with these sober supports so that signs of isolation will be apparent to them and they can pull you out of this bad behavior and get you back on track.

Relapse is always a hazard to those in recovery, especially if you are in early sobriety. One of the many sayings heard in the rooms of 12-step recovery is “AA is a program of action”. In other words, if you don’t take action to grow in recovery, you are not living a program of recovery and are putting your sobriety at risk. You should therefore take certain steps to minimize the risk of relapse in your life. Sobriety is your most valuable possession right now - guard it with every ounce of strength you have and you will be blessed with all the gifts it has to offer. At Evolutions, we understand the importance of relapse prevention, which is why it is one of the primary focuses of our IOP and outpatient programs. If you are in early recovery and feel you could benefit from relapse prevention education, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and inquire about our aftercare programs.


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