How can I Support my Loved One in their Recovery

Having suffered through the nightmare that is living with a loved one in active addiction, you are likely desperate to ensure their newfound sobriety sticks. While an addict’s program of recovery is a very personal journey of self-improvement and discovery, there are things you can do to contribute positively to their attempt at getting sober. Here are a few things to keep in mind as your loved one begins their journey in recovery.

In their active substance abuse, your loved one likely committed more than a few transgressions against you and other members of your family. Of course you are all due a sincere apology and attempt at amends from the addict, but you should absolutely not pressure them or guilt trip them about their past bad behavior. The 12 steps of recovery as prescribed by AA and NA are in a specific order for very good reason, and pushing your loved one to skip to the 9th step and offer a hasty apology to you is not doing anyone any favors. The amends will lack gravity and conviction, and you and your loved one will feel short-changed by the whole process. Instead, be patient and let the recovering addict build a foundation in sobriety before coming to you with a heartfelt amends.

You are likely wary of repeating the previously formed pattern of enabling which was prevalent during your loved one’s active addiction. While you should definitely avoid being a source of financial stability for the addict in recovery, you should be encouraging and supportive of any steps they take to rebuild their life and secure their sobriety. One common request of addicts in early recovery is assistance with a few weeks of rent payments to their halfway house while they secure employment. You may be wary of shelling out more cash to your loved one after having financially supported their addiction for such a long time, but these funds would positively contribute to their program of recovery and standing in society, as a halfway house is the best place for them to reside after completing residential treatment.

For the family of an addict, early recovery can be a time of hope and anxiety, as you pray with all your might that your loved one stays sober and achieves lasting recovery. While it is true that a person’s sobriety is ultimately their responsibility, there are things you can do to contribute positively to your loved one’s recovery efforts. Al-Anon is an excellent means to explore and discover tips and ideas to help both you and the addict in your life recovery and heal. Be patient, let your loved one grow in their recovery on their schedule, and support any positive healthy steps they take and you will be well on your way to ensuring their lasting sobriety!


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