How Can I Tell if I have a Drinking Problem?

It can be difficult to determine whether or not alcohol has become a problem for you, as it is a legal substance enjoyed by millions of Americans every day without substantial negative consequences. Alcoholism is an insidious disease, creeping up on its victims slowly so that its effects go overlooked and unnoticed. Let’s look at some warning signs that your alcohol consumption has grown to be a problem, perhaps even full-blown alcoholism.

The first and most obvious sign that alcohol has become a problem for you is an adverse reaction to being denied your habitual drink, either through an obligation or some other event which precludes your taking a drink. If this situation causes you a great deal of agitation and displeasure, this could be a sign that alcohol has become more than just an option for you - your brain and body are crying out for their customary dose, and your being denied this drink results in a strong negative reaction in your psyche. If this sounds familiar, you may be at the precipice of full-blown alcoholism, and should take steps to eliminate alcohol from your life.

A sign of an even more significant level of alcoholism is a willingness to sacrifice increasingly important things in your life for the sake of a drink. If you have experienced the loss of a career, a shrinking of your circle of friends, or an increasingly tense relationship with your family, all while continuing to indulge in your drinking habit, these are signs you may have developed a drinking problem. These are sacrifices a rational person would be much more hesitant to make, and a normal drinker would simply stop consuming alcohol in order to maintain their standing in their professional and personal lives. It is a sure sign of alcoholism if you’ve allowed your professional and personal life to be negatively impacted for the sake of a drink.

Alcoholism is characterized by AA literature as a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease, an apt description which explains why so many alcoholics are unaware of their having developed a drinking problem. Alcohol abuse sneaks up on you, slowly progressing over a period of time in order to slip by unnoticed in your day to day life. The more the disease is allowed to fester and grown in your mind and body, the more it is able to wreak havoc on your life, forcing you to make greater and greater sacrifices in order to feed your disease. Do not let this progression continue! If you feel you may be developing a drinking problem, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 so we may help you determine whether a course of substance abuse treatment is best for you.