How can I tell if my loved on is suffering from Bulimia?

Bulimia Nervosa is another common eating disorder in society today. Bulimia, much like anorexia, is an attempt by an individual to gain some sense of control over their lives. Bulimic behavior is characterized by short spurts of uncontrolled binge eating followed immediately by equally unhealthy behavior as a means to compensate for this binge eating. These unhealthy behaviors can include forced vomiting, large doses of laxatives or diuretics, extreme exercise, fasting, or some combination of these behaviors. There are signs and symptoms of bulimia which will be apparent those those close to the victim, here are some you should be on the lookout for if you suspect a loved one is suffering from bulimia.

Contrary to what you might think, a person suffering from bulimia will not necessarily appear underweight. In fact, a bulimic individual could be underweight, at a normal weight, or overweight. There are a few subtler signs of bulimia that are still visible to others. One of these is a rapid decline in the health of a person’s teeth as a result of frequent exposure to stomach acid. Since inducing oneself to vomit is one of the more common behaviors of bulimics, this is a fairly reliable sign of a person suffering from this eating disorder. Another symptom which may be visibly apparent is a constant sore and swollen throat, again due to the exposure to stomach acid. These are a few outwardly visible signs of an individual suffering from bulimia.

There are several behaviors to be on the lookout for which are indicative of bulimia in addition to those physical signs. A person suffering from bulimia will try to hide their binge eating, while also frequently disappearing to the washroom in order to “purge” this excessive food from their system. A bulimic individual will also suffer frequent bouts of acid reflux and general gastrointestinal distress, both as a result of their purging and overuse of laxatives. You may also notice a bulimic person exercising with remarkable intensity and vigor, another way for them to compensate for their binge eating. All of these behaviors are warning signs that a person may be suffering from bulimia nervosa.

Bulimia is a serious mental illness which ravages the victim’s mind and body alike. Their frequent binge eating and overcompensation through purging or other damaging behaviors wreaks havoc on their digestive system and their body as a whole. Bulimia can have severe long-term health consequences for those who suffer from it, and may even lead to their death. Treatment should be sought as soon as possible in order to limit the damage done by this disease.

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