How can the Family Heal their Wounds?

The family of a substance abuser has their own emotional and mental damage with which to contend. Watching your child or sibling suffer through the anguish of addiction and withdrawal is a nightmarish experience all its own, leaving lasting scars on a person’s psyche that need to be addressed. The addict is blessed with the opportunity to attend inpatient treatment and receive the care they need for their disease, but what can the rest of the family do to recover from the damage wrought by the addict they love?

Now that your loved one has made the decision to change their life for the better and enter treatment, they are no longer dominating your focus and attention. You should capitalize on these free resources to being the healing process for yourself and the rest of your family. If the treatment center your spouse or child has entered is nearby, often family counseling is included as a part of the treatment program. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we strongly believe in a holistic approach to treating addiction which includes treating the family. Family counseling is a standard component of our treatment protocol, and we encourage family members of the addict to take advantage of it so we may assist them in starting the healing process.

In addition to counseling sessions with a therapist, there are free 12-step support groups for the families of addicts throughout the United States. Al-Anon was founded by the spouses of the original Alcoholic Anonymous members, as they needed something to do while their loved ones held their AA meetings. This group has flourished alongside of AA and NA as a community of individuals working together to recover from the damage done by their loved ones addiction. Your family can benefit from the experience of those who have been where you are and successfully moved forward through the pain. Their advice could be invaluable to you as you begin the process of healing your family and supporting your loved on in their sobriety.

Addiction takes a toll on the addict as well as their family. Watching your loved one struggle with substance abuse, slowly losing everything they worked so hard to achieve in life, is torturous to your mind and spirit. Feelings of helplessness can result in the formation of negative coping skills within the family, and those behaviors need to be corrected if the family unit is to recover from this ordeal. Evolutions Treatment Center offers families the tools and support they need to recover from the damaging effects of their loved one’s addiction. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and get your family the help they need today.


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