How do I Create my own Higher Power?

As you begin working the steps with your sponsor, you will quickly find it necessary to define a higher power to whom you will give your will. This can be a challenge for those who have had a bad experience with religion in the past, or for anyone who has grappled with the idea of a higher power in the past. The spirituality component of the 12 steps of recovery is gentle, leaving room for you to grow into the notion of a higher power. Formulating your own concept of a higher power is another means of easing everyone into spirituality. Here are some things to remember as you begin this process so you can avoid some common obstacles to achieving spirituality.

First, eliminate any preconceived notions you have regarding what a higher power looks like, what they care about, what their motivations are… anything you were taught through organized religion. These are limitations, and your higher power need not be contained by limits in their power and abilities. Once you free yourself from these ideas set forth by the organized religion of your youth, you are able to create a higher power which is perfectly aligned with your beliefs and values, which makes accepting the idea of a higher power working in your life a much easier process.

Another important thing to keep in mind as you work on defining a higher power personal to you is this higher power is entirely your own, with your best interests at heart. There is no need to reconcile the tragedies which occur in the world with the existence of your higher power. The only person your God is concerned with is you. Once you realize this fact, it becomes much simpler to define your higher power and accept them into your life. Creating a higher power personal to you should be an enjoyable, fulfilling experience which provides you comfort and serenity.

As we begin our journey in recovery, we are blessed with the opportunity to redefine what a higher power is to us. This is just one of the many gifts of sobriety, a second chance at spirituality for many who have been disenchanted with the idea of God earlier in life. You should take full advantage of this process, and part of that is letting go of any old ideas you formed about the concept of God and spirituality. Approaching this process with a blank slate will enable you to form a higher power which reconciles with your own beliefs and values perfectly, helping you grow in your recovery and providing a limitless source of power upon which you can always rely!


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