How do I Know I’ve Given my Will to a Higher Power?

Much of the spiritual aspect of recovery requires faith on your part, as the evidence of success appears over time. One such instance of this is the act of giving your will over to your higher power. This conscious surrender of self-will can take a lifetime to perfect, as human nature compels us to attempt to control every aspect of our lives. How, then, can you determine when you have truly given your will over to your higher power, and are not attempting to “run the show”?

One way to keep self-will in check in early sobriety is through communication with your sponsor and sober supports. Share with them any decisions you are faced with, and your reasons behind the choices you are making. Maintain the principles of honesty, open mindedness, and willingness in your relationships with these sober supports so they may offer their opinion as to whether you are allowing your higher power to work in your life or if you are attempting to wrest control away from the God of your understanding.

Another source of feedback in terms of your successfully surrendering your will to your higher power is your overall sense of peace and serenity in life. A person who is attempting to control everything in their life will be plagued with stress and anxiety, as there are always things entirely out of our control in life. If you find yourself experiencing an abnormally large amount of stress and anxiety in your day to day life, you should take a look at the choices you are making and the things you are focused on. If you are honest with yourself, you will likely see that you are attempting to force your will onto a person or situation in your life, and the mental and emotional strain this is causing has led you to become stressed out and disconnected from your higher power.

The act of giving you will over to the care of God as you understand them is one which requires a great deal of practice, and you will find yourself taking back your will time and time again in early sobriety. Luckily, our 12 step programs of recovery call for progress rather than perfection. As long as you continue to communicate with your sober supports regarding your decision making and focus in life, as well as perform regular self-checks of your stress and anxiety levels, you will be able to determine whether you are allowing your higher power’s will to manifest in your life or if you are attempting to force your will on your life. As time goes by, you will find yourself surrendering your will with little effort and enjoying the gifts your higher power’s will has in store for you!


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