How do I Know if an Intervention is Right for my Loved One?

As your loved one has continued down the path of addiction, you have been forced to stand by helplessly and watch as they destroy themselves and harm those around them. While you cannot force your loved one to choose sobriety over their continued substance use, there are behaviors you can change and choices you can make which make it more difficult for your loved one to continue their destructive substance abuse. One such action is the staging of an intervention, where you sit your loved one down and illustrate all the negative effects their substance abuse is having on those around them, as well as outlining consequences should they choose to continue this behavior. How do you know if this is a good option for your family’s situation?

First, if you find yourself enabling your loved one’s addiction, either by providing financial support or a home in which they reside and use their substance of choice, an intervention is an excellent tool when it comes to establishing and defending your boundaries. It is not healthy for you to feed into your loved one’s addiction, and it is certainly doing them no favors as they continue to spi