How do I Make Friends in Recovery?

It seems like a silly question to ask as an adult, but our ability to make new, healthy friendships has been hampered by our active addiction. Now that you find yourself in sobriety, you have likely had to cut off several of your old friends due to their continued addiction or bad influence on you. Now that you have weeded out the unhealthy relationships, how do you go about building new, healthy ones? Here are a few tips as you begin creating a new circle of friends and sober supports.

Relationships are based on common interests or ideas. Therefore, the first step in building new friendships is determining what your interests are now that you are in sobriety. In active addiction, our only interest is the finding and using of our substance of choice, and most of the relationships in our lives are centered around the common goal of substance abuse. As you begin your journey of recovery, try picking up old hobbies and activities which used to bring you joy, as well as any new ones you feel may interest you. Often our closest friendships begin with a chance encounter, so actively participating in sober activities is a great way to get out in the community and encounter some new friends.

Once you have begun building friendships with new acquaintances, it is important to avoid old behaviors in these new and healthy relationships. Establish healthy boundaries with these new friends, and do not be afraid to maintain these boundaries. Practice and become comfortable saying “no” even if you are afraid you will lose these newfound friends. Those who respect you will not abandon you simply because you stand up for yourself, and those who do abandon you were not ideal candidates for supportive friends in recovery in the first place.

A circle of supportive friends is an important part of our recovery as they help keep us on the path of sobriety. In the early stages of your recovery, you should reconnect with the hobbies and activities you took pleasure in before substance abuse became your sole focus. Once you figure out what interests you in sobriety, find like-minded individuals who share your interests and values. As you begin building friendships with these people, practice establishing and maintaining boundaries with them. These steps will have you well on your way to creating a circle of sober supports who will walk alongside you in your journey of recovery!


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