How does Outpatient Treatment Compare to Intensive Outpatient?

As you make your way through residential treatment and prepare to re-enter society, you are likely faced with several choices regarding your next program of care. The two most common options for those being successfully discharged from residential treatment are intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment. While the respective names of these programs offer a general idea of the difference between the two, for someone new to such programs the details of the differences are unknown. Let’s explore these details so you are able to make an informed decision in the best interests of your recovery.

At Evolutions, outpatient treatment offers many of the same therapies utilized in our IOP program, including one on one sessions with your counselor as well as group meetings with others in sobriety. While IOP requires an investment of around ten hours each week, outpatient therapy is less demanding of your schedule and requires only three to four hours each week. You still receive the benefits of continued access to your therapist as well as the community of peers in recovery in the context of a less rigorous schedule. Additionally, your sobriety will be verified via random drug testing as long as you remain actively enrolled in our outpatient program.

If you are able, we recommend you first complete our IOP program before stepping down to outpatient treatment; however, we understand that not everyone’s schedules allow for them to commit to full participation in our IOP program. If you are invested in your continued sobriety, you can certainly allocate four hours a week to participate in an outpatient program in order to cement your progress in recovery.

At Evolutions, our continuum of care is designed so that patients who step through every component are receiving the proper amount of treatment and support in their recovery. If you are able, we strongly encourage you to enroll in our IOP program immediately following your successful completion of residential treatment or partial hospitalization program. For those unable to meet the time requirements of IOP, outpatient treatment is a viable alternative which provides similar benefits to our IOP program with less of a demand on a client’s schedule. If you have recently completed inpatient treatment, whether at Evolutions or another treatment center, and are not currently enrolled in any sort of aftercare program, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 so we may help you protect your recovery in this critical early stage!


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