How is Sex Addiction a Life Threatening Disease?

Those of us who have experienced substance abuse firsthand or watched a loved one spiral out of control at the hands of alcohol or drug addiction need no convincing when it comes to the idea that such disorders are life threatening. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for sex addiction, as many people discount this as a “lesser” disease with no significant health risks. Make no mistake, sex addiction is just as devastating to one’s life as a substance abuse disorder, and has the potential to be fatal to those who do not seek treatment to correct this dangerous behavior.

The most obvious danger posed by sex addiction is the potential for you to contract sexually transmitted infections. While modern medicine has come a long way in the treatment of most STIs, HIV and AIDS still present a direct threat to a person’s life should they contract these serious infections. Even those STIs for which there are treatments and cures could still prove fatal in some, as they could exacerbate other underlying health conditions and ultimately lead to death.

A less obvious but perhaps even more significant risk to your life posed by sex addiction results from the situations you are willing to place yourself in to feed your addiction. More often than not, those willing to engage in random sexual encounters are individuals with questionable morals and suspect motives. While you are driven by a compulsion to engage in sexual relations as a result of your addiction, others may be communicating with you under the guise of a similar desire while their ultimate goal is to get you alone so they can rob you or worse! Such scenarios could easily escalate and result in the other individual physically attacking you, perhaps even fatally injuring you. This risk is often discounted as unrealistic by those in active sex addition, but these circumstances play out all across America each and every day.

Sex addiction is a serious mental disorder, posing as much risk to your life as a substance abuse disorder. You should disabuse yourself of the idea that sex addiction is not as serious as other behavioral disorders and, if you feel you have developed a sex addiction, seek treatment as soon as possible. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we are equipped to properly and fully treat sex addiction in patients, even if it is co-occurring with other mental disorders. If you are concerned you may have developed a sex addiction, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and take the first step towards eliminating this dangerous behavior pattern in your life.


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