How is the Pandemic Threatening the Lives of Addicts?

The current situation both nationally and globally presents additional risks to those still active in their substance abuse besides contracting the virus itself. These dangers are potentially more deadly than the coronavirus, as evidenced by the spike in overdose deaths seen by medical professionals during this pandemic. Why has the coronavirus and our national response to its spread placed addicts in such a precarious position?

First, the United States has tightened border controls in an attempt to mitigate our importation of the virus from abroad. This has had many unforeseen consequences, including choking local dealers’ supplies of illicit substances coming from nations such as China. As a result of this sudden drought in supply, dealers have taken to cutting their product with potentially dangerous doses of substances such as fentanyl in order to “stretch” their supply until they are reconnected with their sources. This translates to a substance abuser unwittingly purchasing their usual dosage which is now deadly to them as a result of the alterations made by the dealer. This risk is not limited to opiate users, as drug dealers have taken to using fentanyl to give a variety of substances an increased potential for developing physical dependency.

Setting aside the risk tainted drugs present to users, the risk of contracting coronavirus has led many people to seek the safety of isolation in their own homes. While this is a positive step towards mitigating your risk of contracting CoVID-19, it can be incredibly detrimental to your mental and emotional health. For those still in active addiction, spending an increased amount of time alone in your home can easily lead to an uptick in your substance abuse as boredom and loneliness cry out for relief in the form of drugs or alcohol. Combine this with the aforementioned issues with the supply of illegal substances and it is clear why the medical community has seen a marked increase in overdose deaths during this ongoing pandemic.

A substance abuse disorder presents a constant risk to our lives, as you never know when the next drink or drug will be the one which kills you. This risk is greatly heightened due to both direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic and our nation’s response to it. In light of this enhanced threat to the lives of addicts, now more than ever you should seek treatment for yours or your loved one’s addiction. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we have developed a holistic treatment program with years of successful clients as testament to its efficacy. If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance abuse disorder, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you avoid becoming another overdose death statistic.


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