How Many Times Should I Work the 12 Steps?

Recovery is a lifelong journey of self-discovery and improvement, and there is always room for growth in our sobriety. Given this unending room for more enlightenment and expansion in our recovery, is it beneficial to work the 12 steps of AA or NA more than once? This depends on a few factors, but more often than not the answer is yes.

As we evolve in our recovery, our sponsorship needs will change. The advice often heard in the rooms of recovery is to choose a sponsor who “has what you want” in terms of recovery. Once you have learned all you can from a sponsor, it is often beneficial to move on to a new sponsor and keep your old one as a sober support. Different sponsors work the steps in different ways, so when you pick up a new sponsor they will want you to work the steps with them as part of your relationship. This is beneficial as you will gain additional understanding of the steps themselves as well as a new perspective on aspects of your recovery which could use some improvement.

Another reason you should consider working the steps more than once in sobriety is the fact that we are not perfect at being recovered alcoholics and addicts. Due to our inevitable shortcomings, there could very well be an accumulation of resentments and unresolved transgressions which occur in our sobriety. Working the steps over again gives us the opportunity to reflect on our time in recovery and deal with these unaddressed issues before they fester in our minds and put us at risk for relapse.

Working the steps more than once in recovery has no downside and plenty of potential upside. A new sponsor offers a fresh take on the process, and it is likely you have inadvertently let a few resentments and wrongs slip through the cracks during your sobriety. You may shirk from this task as you think back on your first time working the steps, but remember the AA maxim “faith without works is dead!” Your sobriety is a precious gift, it is well worth the effort to nurture and protect it by working through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous more than once.


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