How Should I Approach Job Hunting in Sobriety?

Now that you have completed a residential treatment program, you have begun working to reintegrate back into society as a sober individual. Part of this process will be finding and securing gainful employment so you can work towards self-sufficiency, improve your finances, and gain a sense of purpose in life. In our active addiction, we often destroy our professional reputation with our bad behavior, so acquiring employment when we are new in sobriety presents some challenges. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you set off on this undertaking as part of your overall growth in sobriety.

As you are updating your resume to submit to potential employers, you may notice a gap in employment history which corresponds with the more destructive period of your active addiction. You should prepare to account for this lapse in employment during your interview. It is best to maintain your honesty and integrity when faced with such a question, but at the same time there is nothing which demands full disclosure at this stage of the hiring process. Keep your answer simple, for example, “I was dedicating all my efforts towards handling some personal issues during that time” or a similar answer which, while candid, is not overly revealing.

You may also have had the misfortune of encountering some legal issues during your active addiction which have tarnished your record. These items will come up whenever a background check is performed, so it is best to get out ahead of them if an employer is going to conduct a background check. In this situation, be honest about both the charges levied against you and the circumstances and reasons behind your having perpetrated the crime in question. For many small, family-owned businesses the decision whether or not to move forward with your employment will rest largely with the hiring manager, so your explanation can make a difference in the outcome of your application. As for larger corporations, there are usually policies in place which cannot be overridden at middle management level, but discussing this during the interview will prevent the wasting of both your time and the time and effort of the hiring manager.

The process of recovery permeates every facet of our lives, as we re-enter society as sober individuals intent on making amends for the damage we wrought in the world through our new, upstanding way of life. Part of this process includes securing gainful employment, a task which may present new and unusual challenges in light of your recent bad behaviors. Do not feel discouraged should you struggle to find employment - just keep doing the next right thing and the perfect job opportunity will present itself to you at the proper moment. At Evolutions, our aftercare program includes assistance with updating resumes and preparing for interviews in order to give our clients the best possible chance at sustained sobriety. If you are newly sober but feel you would benefit from some additional support, call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 and inquire about the availability of aftercare programs for your situation.


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