How Should I Stage an Intervention for my Loved One?

Those families living with a loved one who is struggling with substance abuse face constant anxiety and stress at the hands of the addiction living unwelcome under their roof. Often the addict themselves will not decide on their own to make the necessary change in their life and seek help for their addiction. Given your close relationship with the addict, an intervention may be the push they need to accept help and enter a treatment facility. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are planning an intervention for your loved one.

The number one rule of thumb when staging an intervention is to remember to avoid aggression. Attacking the addict will set them on the defensive, and once they’ve dug their heels in it will be that much harder to get them to see the light and accept the help you’re offering. Instead of making this about their unacceptable behavior, keep the topic of conversation on you and how their continued substance use has negatively affected your life and well-being. By keeping focus on how your feelings and health have suffered without taking an accusatory or confrontational tone, you will have a better chance of persuading your loved one to accept help and change their life.

One other important item to consider when planning an intervention is to ensure there will be no interruptions or time constraints surrounding the process. You do not want the addict to have any excuse to leave before everyone has had their chance to speak in support of their enrolling in a treatment program. You should research treatment centers available to your loved one through insurance beforehand, and have some information on them printed out for their review so they are able to feel like they have some say in the process. Presenting options and solutions to their substance abuse disorder immediately following your testifying as to the negative impact their addiction has had on your life is a one-two punch that maximizes the chance of effectiveness for the intervention.

An intervention is a useful tool to help persuade the addict in your life to accept help and end the vicious cycle of substance abuse. While often effective, when executed poorly an intervention could result in further damage to your relationship with the addict, quickening the pace of their spiral out of control. As long as you avoid any aggression or blaming language during the intervention, and have details on solutions available for the addict today, you can rest easy knowing you are doing all in your power to help your loved one choose a path of sobriety.


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