Humility in Sobriety - Key to Success

In our active addiction, we hide ourselves from the world, obscuring any problems as well as our substance abuse and protecting ourselves from examination by others. This aversion to exposing our faults to others usually carries over into our early sobriety. Arrogance and a refusal to reveal and work on your shortcomings will make recovery impossible for you, as stepwork requires us to own up to our faults and strive to improve upon them. You must therefore practice humility rather than arrogance in recovery if you are to successfully achieve lasting sobriety.

Humility is often misunderstood by those in early recovery, as they believe humility to be an unpleasant experience brought on by the revelation of some extremely embarrassing or shameful truth about yourself. This is not the case, as humility is the practice of admitting your imperfections rather than seeking to hide them. If you examine the steps, it will quickly become clear that you cannot hope to successfully complete your stepwork without practicing humility, as we must own up to our shortcomings in order to try and eliminate them from our daily lives.

Arrogance has no place in your life in recovery, regardless of how much success you achieve in sobriety. This holier-than-thou mindset often invades our lives after we have spent some time in sobriety, completing our stepwork and achieving a level of success we had not previously known in terms of our career and financial situation. If you allow arrogance to creep back into your mind this can easily lead you to relapse, as your feeling better than others in the rooms of recovery causes you to slack off on your meeting attendance and maintenance of your recovery program.

When we first enter the rooms of recovery, we are automatically humbled due to our having suffered great losses at the hands of our addiction. You should seek to hold on to this humility, as it will serve you well on your journey in recovery, allowing you to remain fully honest and transparent with your sponsor as you confront your shortcomings and work on minimizing their effect on your daily life. Humility is one of the principles of the Alcoholics Anonymous program, speaking to its importance in our lives in recovery. So long as you remain committed to living by these principles, including remaining humble, you will succeed in recovery and achieve a life beyond your wildest dreams!