I’m Freaking Out in Detox! Now What?

It happens all the time - a client’s head clears as they near the end of their stay in detox, and the realization of the damage done in their active addiction hits them like a ton of bricks. Panic sets in, and the client feels they need to rush back to the outside world and begin fervently repairing every aspect of their life touched by their addiction. If you find yourself experiencing this sort of impulse as you come out of withdrawal in detox, take a breath, pause, and remember a few facts before you make a decision that could ruin what progress you’ve made thus far.

First, you are incredibly new in sobriety and have yet to begin processing the underlying factors which led you to substance abuse in the first place. While your motivation to repair the damage to your life is commendable, you are hardly equipped to tackle such an arduous task having barely achieved abstinence from your substance of choice at this time. Rather than rush off to battle ill prepared, remember that you are in a fragile state and need to focus on securing your newfound sobriety before returning to the outside world and beginning the repair process.

Before you begin formulating a checklist of external items to fix now that you are sober, you should be focusing inward on those negative behaviors in your life which need to be altered or eliminated. Residential inpatient treatment is the best place for you to complete this work, as you have clinicians and therapists at your disposal to aid you in the required self-reflection and behavior modification. Your addiction did not consume your life overnight, and the healing process will be a lifetime in the making. Rushing through treatment in order to get back to the job or the family will not serve your purposes, and will only do further harm to these situations rather than improve them.

Detox is a funny thing - most clients enter believing it will start out painful and uncomfortable and end in peace and serenity, but for many the opposite is true. Right around the 10 day mark as withdrawal symptoms are fading away and consciousness is emerging many clients have a “freak out” moment where, on impulse, they decide they must leave treatment and get to work making amends for the damage done in active addiction. If you find yourself feeling this impulse, remember: your addiction did its damage over time, and the healing process will take at least as long, so there is no reason to rush! At Evolutions, our clinicians and counselors know this feeling all too well, and are available for you at any time so we may counsel you through these feelings so you do not act on them and destroy what progress you’ve made. Our only goal is helping you achieve sustained sobriety, and that should be your top priority as well! Remember this should the urge to flee treatment and begin fixing everything strike you - recovery is a lifelong journey, don’t rush it, enjoy it!


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