I’m Frequently Experiencing Cravings - What Should I Do?

In these stressful times we find ourselves living in, cravings for our substance of choice may become a more regular occurrence. Between business closures affecting our employment, social distancing affecting our interpersonal relationships, and limited options for safe recreation outside the home, it is only natural for you to crave the artificial relief your chosen intoxicant used to provide you. For those in early sobriety, resisting these cravings can be difficult, and any additional help in this area would be supremely beneficial to your recovery. Here are a few ideas of ways to combat any increase in cravings you are experiencing.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who has lost their job due to the CoVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty about the future combined with a sudden plethora of free time on your hands is a dangerous combination. You should be proactive to combat this precarious situation by filling the new gaps in your schedule with productive activities such as job searching or online classes. These actions kill two birds with one stone - you will no longer find yourself idle throughout the day and will also feel a sense of accomplishment as you work towards securing new employment.

When it comes to your limited options for socialization and recreation, get out of your comfort zone and be creative! This is an excellent time to reconnect with nature, as the outdoors provides plenty of space for social distancing and fresh air to avoid infection. Get a group of sober supports together and go explore your local park or nature preserve while you chat about whatever is going on in your life, including things that are hindering your recovery. Share with them about any cravings which have been plaguing you lately and steps you have taken to deal with them, as they may have advice and solutions which had not previously occurred to you and vica versa.

Cravings are a common occurrence for those in recovery, as we can never truly forget the artificial pleasure our substance of choice provided us. These urges to “pick up” tend to crop up in times of increased stress, and the conditions we are living under these days certainly add to our stress levels. You should proactively take steps to avoid succumbing to such urges in order to protect your hard-won sobriety. At Evolutions, we do our best to impart healthy coping skills to our clients so they reenter society armed with the tools necessary to resist the temptation of relapse. If you are new to sobriety but feel some additional treatment would be beneficial to you, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and inquire about our outpatient program.


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