I’m Neglecting my Stepwork! How can I get Motivated?

It is a story repeated over and over in the rooms of recovery: an individual new in sobriety has begun working the 12 steps, gets through the first two or three and then loses interest and motivation to continue working this important part of a recovery program. This is a dangerous spot to be in, as our addiction remains untreated until we complete our stepwork and go forth to help others achieve the same success in sobriety. How can we garner the necessary motivation to follow through with our stepwork and achieve success in recovery?

The most compelling source of motivation for your continued work on your steps should be the constant threat of relapse hanging over your head. The more time you spend in and around the rooms of recovery, the more you will see those who slack off on their recovery programs return to their substance of choice, often with fatal consequences. Let these tragic experiences of others light a fire within you and motivate you to diligently work your steps so that you do not suffer a similar fate.

Another factor which should motivate your continued stepwork is a desire to make peace with your past. A major part of the 12 steps of recovery is geared towards our coming to terms with our past and no longer allowing it to define us or affect our present. If you cease working the steps you give up this valuable benefit of the process, and your past will continue to plague you as you go about your daily life. Speaking from experience, this is a tortured existence that severely inhibits any sort of progress personally or professionally, as we feel we are not worthy of any good things in life. A desire to shed this mentality and free yourself from the bonds of your past should provide strong motivation to continue diligently working the 12 steps of recovery to the best of your ability.

So often those attempting recovery fall short of working all 12 steps of the AA/NA program, losing motivation somewhere along the way as they allow life to distract them from their mission. Do not let this happen to you! Whether you pull motivation from the spectre of relapse just over your shoulder, or from a desire to put your past behind you and fully live in the present, or from some other source, make sure you do whatever it takes to keep your motivation intact so you may diligently work all 12 steps of recovery so you may enjoy the fruits of your labors and achieve a happy, joyous, and free life as the program of AA promises you!