I’m Neglecting my Stepwork! How can I get Motivated?

It is a story repeated over and over in the rooms of recovery: an individual new in sobriety has begun working the 12 steps, gets through the first two or three and then loses interest and motivation to continue working this important part of a recovery program. This is a dangerous spot to be in, as our addiction remains untreated until we complete our stepwork and go forth to help others achieve the same success in sobriety. How can we garner the necessary motivation to follow through with our stepwork and achieve success in recovery?

The most compelling source of motivation for your continued work on your steps should be the constant threat of relapse hanging over your head. The more time you spend in and around the rooms of recovery, the more you will see those who slack off on their recovery programs return to their substance of choice, often with fatal consequences. Let these tragic experiences of others light a fire with