I’m Struggling to Maintain Rigorous Honesty in Sobriety - What can I Do?

One of the most dramatic changes we must undergo when attempting sobriety involves our communication with others. We must let go of our instinct for dishonesty developed to shield our active substance abuse from criticism and replace it with an instinct for honesty. This is easier said than done, as old habits die hard and our predication for deceit is often deeply entrenched in our psyche. If you find yourself struggling to overcome this habit of dishonesty, what can you do to improve your performance in this area of your recovery?

Often we find ourselves lying about inconsequential matters simply because it has been ingrained in our nature. If this applies to you, there are steps you can take to modify this behavior in your communications with others. Often we speak as soon as a response forms in our mind - this being the lie. Try to pause before replying to any questions, giving yourself time to check your answer’s validity before proffering it. Even if you find yourself blurting out a falsehood, correct the mistake right then and there. By holding yourself accountable to the truth, however minuscule it may seem, you will soon find your instinct has changed from deception to integrity.

Perhaps your lies are still serving to protect you from feelings of shame about your behavior in sobriety. This could mean one of two things: either you are still in a mindset where you are overburdening yourself with unnecessary guilt and shame, or you are still engaging in negative behaviors in sobriety which could potentially lead to relapse. Either way, this issue should be addressed sooner rather than later as it is a direct threat to your continued sobriety. Hopefully you are close enough with your sponsor to share openly about whatever behavior you are obscuring with your deceit. Be prepared to accept their objective opinion as to whether your negative feelings regarding the behavior are valid or not, as they may advise you to discontinue the behavior.

Dishonesty and sobriety are like oil and water - they do not mix! While it is difficult to retrain ourselves in the habit of rigorous honesty, it is a crucial part of our recovery efforts. At Evolutions, we incorporate behavior modification therapies designed to promote this altering of communication patterns. If you are in early sobriety but are struggling to incorporate honesty in your relationships, you may benefit from additional treatment. Call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 and let us help determine the best course of action for you so can achieve sustained sobriety.


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