I Need to Quit Drinking - How Can I Do This?

Handling an addiction is no easy task, especially if this is your first time seeking sobriety. All you know is your substance abuse, and while hopefully there is someone in your life who has gone through the recovery process who can provide assistance and education, you may find yourself completely on your own in this endeavor. You cannot hope to get sober on your own, so what are you supposed to do in order to successfully quit drinking?

Your greatest source of information, guidance and support in your quest for sobriety will come from your local 12-step community. There you will find others who have been in the exact situation you find yourself in, people who have successfully overcome their substance abuse disorder and can help you do the same. Finding and ensconcing yourself in a 12-step community is a great way to acquire knowledge and support in your recovery efforts, and you should absolutely avail yourself of this valuable resource in order to build on your recovery efforts.

As you begin speaking with those in the rooms of 12-step recovery, you may find they are advising you to seek professional help in order to stop drinking, especially if you have developed a daily dependence on alcohol in order to “function”. You should take any advice those sober supports give you in terms of how to go about ceasing your alcohol consumption, as they obviously know more than you about how to quit drinking! Perhaps they advise you Baker Act yourself or seek admittance to a medical detox facility. No matter what, if you are committed to putting down the bottle and achieving sobriety you should take their advice and follow through with the recommendation.

Quitting drinking is an arduous undertaking, but the rewards of sobriety are more than worth the effort required to live in recovery. For many alcoholics and addicts, the hardest part of quitting drinking is getting started as we are unfamiliar with the steps we need to take in order to get sober. The best resources for those seeking recovery can be found in the rooms of 12-step recovery as well as substance abuse treatment centers. Here you will find like-minded individuals who have been where you are and are genuinely interested in your success in recovery. If you are ready to begin your journey to sobriety, reach out to your local 12-step community and call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 so you can receive the support and guidance you need in order to succeed!