I Relapsed and was Kicked Out of Sober Living - What Do I Do?

It is an awful position to find yourself in: you’ve relapsed, and since you reside in sober living you are no longer welcome there and are suddenly homeless. Usually sober living homes will give you a 48 hour period in which to come up with some sort of living arrangement, but this is not necessarily the case in every situation. If you have been removed from sober living suddenly and find yourself on the street, this is a critical moment in your life and the next decision you make could make or break your existence. What, then, is the best course of action for you?

The very first thing you should do in this situation is reach out to your sponsor and sober supports, letting them know what is going on in your life. Go with them to your usual AA or NA meetings, raise your hand, and get honest about where you are and what you are thinking and feeling. Now is not the time to hide your mistakes and shortcomings from the world - you must let go of the guilt and shame resulting from your relapse and get back to recovery. The only way to do this is through rigorous honesty and humility.

For many of us, a relapse extends for more than just one use instance, and unfortunately we quickly reform the physical dependence to our substance of choice which makes it so hard to stop using. In these situations, admittance to a detox and treatment facility is your best option to stabilize yourself medically and reset yourself emotionally and mentally. Relapse is a strong signal that you have overlooked something within yourself during the course of working your recovery program, and another stay in residential treatment provides the opportunity to go deeper in terms of introspection and figure out what it is that is getting in the way of your successfully achieving lasting sobriety.

Relapse is never an enjoyable experience for addicts seeking recovery - it may seem fun in the first few hours or days, but soon enough our poor decisions catch up to us in the form of consequences, and we suddenly find ourselves without a home and without employment. It is in these moments of crisis when the choices we make matter most, as we can either continue down the road of active substance abuse which leads to harsher consequences, misery, and pain, or we can admit we have made a mistake and seek to correct it. Recovery is a journey with many obstacles and pitfalls. Do not let the setback of a relapse dissuade you from attempting sobriety! Evolutions Treatment Center is here to help you get back on track in your recovery, whether through another course of inpatient treatment or your enrolling in our IOP program. Call our Admissions Counselors now at 833-818-3031 before you sink deeper into the abyss of active substance abuse.