I’ve Relapsed and Lost Everything - Where do I go from Here?

Relapse is common among those in recovery, and unfortunately there are times when a victim of relapse forges ahead down the road of addiction, sacrificing everything in their lives until they find themselves at the end of their rope. They have lost their homes, their jobs, their relationships with friends and family, and feel completely alone and without hope. If this is the situation you find yourself in, do not despair! No matter how far down we have fallen, recovery is possible.

The first step for any active substance abuser is obvious - you need to admit you have a problem and seek treatment for your disease. Those who have hit a particularly dark bottom likely do not have health insurance, but thanks to a recent executive order signed by President Biden, you are able to acquire health insurance so you may receive care at a private addiciton treatment facility. Given your lack of income, the insurance plans available to you will have very reasonable monthly premiums. Of course, you could opt for a free state-run facility for treatment, but often these facilities lack the variety of therapeutic activities available at private treatment facilities.

You likely feel as though there is no way for you to claw your way back out of this hole you have dug - you will never be able to have a career, a family, a home… there is nothing left for you. It is crucial you confront this faulty mentality and transform it to one rooted in belief in a higher power and faith that you can succeed in your quest for a happy, contented life. Your therapist in treatment will work with you to break these negative thought patterns and beliefs, but ultimately it is up to you to confront and rid yourself of these destructive thoughts in order to succeed in sobriety.

Once you’ve transitioned to sobriety and have completed treatment you can focus on restoring a happy, healthy life for yourself. Tackle one area of your life at a time, and focus all your efforts on healing and improving that area completely before you move on to the next one. So long as you keep your recovery as your top priority, never slacking off on your step work and communication with your sponsor and sober supports, you will be able to rebuild a life of joy and contentment for yourself and successfully achieve lasting sobriety!