I’ve Slipped and had a Drink! What Should I Do?

It is said in the rooms of AA and NA that relapse is a part of recovery, and there is a lesson to be learned from each relapse. While a slip does not have to be part of your recovery story, far more important than this deviation from sobriety is what you do immediately following a slip. If you’ve make the unfortunate decision to have an alcoholic drink, even just one, there are several things you need to do in order to protect yourself from a more significant and prolonged relapse event.

The first thing you must do is disclose to your sober community the fact that you’ve had a slip. Often addicts whose drug of choice was something like opiates or methamphetamines feel that taking one alcoholic drink is hardly a slip at all, but this is a dangerous perspective to entertain. As is repeated in the rooms of recovery, alcohol IS a drug, and its effect on your mind and mood can and will lead you right back to your preferred intoxicant. Letting others in your recovery circle know that you’ve had a drink allows them to keep a closer eye on you, ensuring a necessary level of acccountability is functioning in your life.

Once you have admitted to your sober community that you’ve had a slip, you should work with your sponsor to examine the circumstances surrounding this relapse so you can gain a better understanding as to what went wrong in your recovery program and allowed your addiction to worm its way back into your life. This introspection and reflection is an important part of the recovery process after a relapse, as we repeat the same mistakes over and over until we learn the lessons they teach us. Often the knowledge of self you gain after a relapse is invaluable as you continue to work a program of recovery, providing insight into subtle motivations and character defects which may have gone overlooked.

Alcohol is an ever present temptation in society, and often those who do not even consider this a preferred substance of theirs end up relapsing on alcohol. Even if you do not consider alcohol to be a problem substance for yourself, do not minimize the significance of a relapse on alcohol in your life! Alcohol is a drug, and has led many an addict down a painful path of prolonged relapse and even death. Instead, you should admit to those around you that you’ve made a mistake and do your best to learn and grow from it. In the end, your relapse could provide you with a level of awareness and understanding which would not have been achieved otherwise.

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