Important Tools for your Recovery Toolbelt

As you embark on your journey in recovery, there are certain skills and actions which you should learn and practice due to their ease of use and versatility in everyday life. Having a well-equipped “recovery toolbelt” is important for those new in recovery, as any time your sobriety is under threat you will need to rely heavily on these tools and skills in order to protect yourself and stay on the right path. Some of these coping skills will be unique to you, but there are several which are universal to all those in sobriety. Here are a few tools which everyone can benefit from adding to their arsenal of recovery tools.

Communication is a crucial part of our recovery program, as we work with our sponsor through the 12 steps of recovery, share our experience, strength and hope in meetings, and build meaningful positive relationships with those we encounter in the rooms of recovery. Talking openly with others is easy enough when times are good and our minds are at peace, but when we find ourselves stressed out, triggered, and craving our substance of choice suddenly our words fail us and we often revert to our old behaviors of obfuscation, masking what is really going on in our minds. In these moments it is of paramount importance you have practiced and strengthened your communication with those in your sober support network so that you will reach out to them and get honest about your struggle rather than attempt to shove it down and soldier on as if nothing is wrong. Strong communication skills are a key tool all those in recovery should arm themselves with, and the best way to improve your communication is to practice it every day!

Just as important as your communication skills with those in your support circle are your communication skills with your higher power. Most people in recovery communicate with their higher power through prayer and meditation, both of which are actions which can be practiced throughout your day. The more you practice prayer and meditation, the more adept you will be at using these tools when the chips are down and you feel stressed out, angry, or some other triggering emotion which is threatening your sobriety. This is why it is so important to regularly practice using these recovery tools, so that when you are struggling they will feel familiar and comfortable to you, eliminating your instinct to revert to old, unhealthy behaviors.

Recovery is a lifelong journey, and one which requires daily practicing of certain behaviors and thought patterns in order for us to achieve lasting sobriety. The skills and actions we lean on in times of stress or strife are the components of our recovery toolbelts. Those of us in early sobriety are still accumulating and honing these skills, and it is important that we do so diligently in order to guard against relapse. It is well worth your time and effort to assemble a variety of tools for your recovery toolbelt, as they always prove invaluable when our sobriety is under siege. You should practice some which have universal applicability for everyone in recovery, while discovering a few which are unique to your program. All of them will serve you well as you continue living in sobriety and enjoying all the gifts this new lifestyle has to offer!

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