IOP – An Important Component of a Recovery Routine

Now that you are nearing the end of your inpatient treatment stay you are likely facing several important decisions. One of these will be whether or not to enroll in your treatment center’s next level of care, known as intensive outpatient. At Evolutions, we strongly encourage our clients to take advantage of our IOP program, as it enables you to stay connected to your therapist as well as the friends you have made while in residential treatment. Enrollment in IOP should certainly be a priority for you, as it will go a long way towards ensuring your successful achievement of stability in your sobriety.

The connections you make with your fellow addicts in residential treatment often develop into sober supports after you complete treatment and return to society. Attending intensive outpatient furthers your connection to those fellow addicts in early recovery, as you will continue group therapy sessions with your fellow recovery warriors. You will also retain access to your therapist, and will have weekly one-on-one sessions with them so you may continue your work on those underlying psychological and emotional issues which contributed to your addiction. IOP is a great opportunity for you to continue the work you began during your stay in residential treatment with no interruption in the process.

Participating in Evolutions intensive outpatient program is also a great way to establish a schedule and routine right out of the gate in your sobriety. It is important to limit the amount of unstructured free time you have on your hands in early recovery, as this can lead to boredom and a greater risk of relapse. Intensive outpatient allows you to reintegrate back into society, begin to reestablish your career and financial security, all while providing a safety net of accountability and camaraderie to aid in your recovery.

At Evolutions, our years of experience treating substance abuse disorders has demonstrated firsthand the positive impact intensive outpatient therapy has on a person’s chances of success in sobriety. As you are considering your options for aftercare upon completion of residential treatment, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of any intensive outpatient program available to you. Our IOP program at Evolutions is designed to integrate seamlessly into your schedule as you rejoin society and return to a normal work week. If you are in early recovery and have not yet enrolled in an IOP program, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and further secure your sobriety!


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