Is IOP Really Necessary for Me?

Like any long term transformations in life, recovery is a process. Some are able to quickly pick up and utilize the tools needed to stay sober, while others require some additional care and support until they get with the program. Unfortunately, you’ll have no idea which sort of recovering individual you are until your sobriety is challenged, and it is crucial you do everything in your power to mitigate your risk of relapse in early sobriety. Therefore, it is in the best interests of all recovering individuals to avail themselves of any and all support which is an option for them. Intensive Outpatient is one such program of support which is available to most everyone coming out of residential substance abuse treatment. Let’s look at what IOP entails and why it is such a good idea to take advantage of these programs.

Intensive Outpatient programs usually involve several weekly group therapy sessions as well as weekly individual counseling sessions. These sessions are designed to impart relapse prevention education, as well as provide an opportunity for you to continue to hone and refine your new coping skills in early sobriety. Enrolling in your inpatient treatment center’s IOP program has the added benefit of providing you access to your existing group of recovery peers as well as your primary therapist. This continuity in early sobriety could be the difference between success and failure in your recovery.

In addition to providing services and support, IOP is another layer of accountability and structure for those in early recovery. Regular drug testing occurs throughout your participation in IOP, and missing your scheduled small group and/or individual therapy sessions will result in some negative consequences for you. This is not meant to be punitive, but to motivate you to stick with your commitments in early sobriety and fully participate in your IOP program. At Evolutions Treatment Center, our IOP program is an extension of our philosophy that your treatment program should be tailored to your unique circumstances and needs. We offer flexible scheduling in order to fit a healthy IOP program into your life comfortably.

Intensive Outpatient is a natural and logical continuation of the work you have been doing in residential treatment. This step in the addiction treatment process can be greatly beneficial to you in early sobriety, and rarely is there a valid reason for you to forego participation in your treatment center’s IOP program. At Evolutions, we will work to tailor your IOP program schedule around your work and home life, as we want nothing more than to maximize your chances at achieving lasting sobriety. If you have recently graduated from a residential treatment program and are not currently enrolled in an IOP program, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help support you in early recovery so you can succeed in sobriety.